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Insurance Specialists Network: Your ūüó̬†to Security

It is with great pride to introduce you to the L & A Insurance Specialists Network!¬† This is the key to even more personalized insurance services, focused on lower cost, expanded quality products & advice through trained and experienced insurance specialists.¬† Here's how it works: L&A has hand-selected a high-quality team of¬† brokers with expertise in your most requested insurance specialties to help you better.... Read Article

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Air Conditioning?

Driving a car with no A/C can be miserable during the hot summer months, particularly during a heatwave. As important as it is to your comfort and that of your passengers, automotive air conditioning can be expensive to repair or replace when it breaks down or malfunctions. In many cases, when the A/C malfunctions, it is considered normal wear-and-tear and not covered by auto insurance... Read Article

ACA Amendments that Affect Your Health Insurance

  BENJAMIN ROSKY Contact: 602-996-6010 Email: Final Rule Amends ACA as Tug of War Continues Over Obamacare Repeal¬† Although the GOP continues to craft new legislation for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare), none of its proposals have passed. However, some changes are coming anyway‚ÄĒchanges that aim to improve the health insurance risk pool, promote more competition within markets and increase... Read Article