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Insurance Concierge Services – Specialists Network

One person cannot and should not be everything to everyone.  All our agents work as a team for you. You will receive personalized insurance services, focused on lower cost, better quality products & advice through trained and experienced insurance specialists. As your benefits broker, L&A provides a high-quality team with expertise in your most requested insurance specialties to help you better.

These areas include, among others:

Our well-respected specialists have many years of experience and have met all state/federal requirements.   Whether you’re protecting a business or your family, we have the resources to help you with your most important, difficult, and often most expensive insurance needs.  This is done at no extra cost to you.  L&A wants to support our clients with the best solutions available at the most competitive rates.  As always, your assigned professional will consider a wide range of high-quality insurance companies best suited for your special situation.

Call or contact us today and ask our team go to work for you.

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Customer Reviews

Very prompt with helpful information...

Lisa Jones
Lisa J

Thank you for your help!

Instant Plumbing
Instant P

I'd definitely recommend him!!!

Sheila Henderson
Sheila H

I see others are as happy with Ben as I have been.

Cherryl Ann B.
Cherryl A B

...patient, thorough and understanding. I'd recommend him to everybody!

Susie D