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Very prompt with helpful information...

Very prompt with helpful information, explains all options and patient in answering many questions.
Lisa Jones
Lisa J

Thank you for your help!

Ben with L & A Insurance Services was super easy to work with. He explained the insurance enrollment process to me in an easy to understand way. He was also quick with his replies to emails, and always answered questions when they came up. We have referred Ben to anyone who asks about business health insurance. Thank you for your help!
Instant Plumbing
Instant P

I'd definitely recommend him!!!

Fantastic experience working with Ben as we moved states and needed to move our insurance. He spent 30 minutes on the phone asking me a number of questions and then making recommendations. From there he followed up consistently to be sure all of my questions were answered, rejiggering policies and more to make it work best for us. I’d definitely recommend him!!!
Sheila Henderson
Sheila H

I see others are as happy with Ben as I have been.

I see others are as happy with Ben as I have been. I started working with him when I was employed, and he was a terrific broker for the Small Business, where I was Health Care Coordinator. When I retired, I asked if he would consider staying on as my personal broker, which he did. I just called him a few days ago, and believe it or not, he spent 20 minutes on the phone with me addressing various concerns, including healthcare in general and drug costs. Some of the discussion was general information that I was worried about for my particular situation. I do read the company resources newsletters, and if I ever have concerns, let me tell you it’s almost always a same day answer. I have a special list: it’s my very very favorite, helpful and knowledgeable “peeps.” Ben is ON this list!
Cherryl Ann B.
Cherryl A B

...patient, thorough and understanding. I'd recommend him to everybody!

Ben has taken the worry, the difficulty and the hassle out of signing up for healthcare. He’s patient, thorough and understanding. I’d recommend him to everybody!
Susie D

Don't hesitate to work with him.

Ben led us through a difficult life insurance search with confidence, grace, and responsiveness. Don’t hesitate to work with him. Thank you, Ben!
Joe R

...I am really happy with his services.

I have been working with Ben for a number of years and I am really happy with his services. I have a small business and he has walked me through personal and group insurance. He is very reliable and trustworthy and gets back to me with answers quickly
Shayne Neuwirth
Shayne N

I would highly recommend Ben for your insurance needs.

I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with Ben Rosky several times from 2011 to 2012 and 2016 to 2017. Ben’s professionalism is exceptional and his knowledge of the health insurance industry is excellent. Ben always keeps his client’s best interests in mind and is quick to respond to email and phone messages. I would highly recommend Ben for your insurance needs.
Michael B

Wow, Ben is amazing!

Wow, Ben is amazing! He can guide you through the maze that is health care enrollment and explain everything so you can make an informed decision. I highly recommend Ben.
Rosemary A.
Rosemary A

I have new coverage with a lower deductible for about the same price.

STOP! Take the hassle and confusion out of finding insurance – get an insurance agent, it could be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. Ben Rosky has been my insurance agent for the past 6 or 8 years. He has continually given me his best effort and has always looked to help me find the best coverage for the best price. With the issues of the ACA roll out and insurance companies not being adequately staffed to handle the volume of new clients, Ben truly went above and beyond what I thought was the scope of an insurance agent. When all was settled I have new coverage with a lower deductible for about the same price as my previous coverage. Thank you Ben!
Julie Tyrrell
Julie T
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